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By Wayne W. Whicher

A Home With No Roof

This is the author's second book in his Scott Mathias Detective series. This mystery/thriller is set on the island of Bermuda, where the NH native, Wayne W. Whicher, has travelled to often. Whicher loves to transport his readers to the picture-perfect island where he has enjoyed many long "research" vacations.

Scott Mathias is working three cases at once on the otherwise tranquil island. A variety of girls have been abducted from cruise ships docked at port. A pimp-like killer is harrassing the island's homeless people, and a new friend of Scott's has now gone missing. She loved her Italian food, much to her own demise. Follow Scott from end to end of picturesque Bermuda as he attempts to solve the myraid of cases that he is working on.

Sunset over the Hermes

The "Sunset over the Hermes" is a young adult mystery novel set on the gorgeous island of Bermuda. The main character, Detective Scott Mathias finds himself trying to solve a puzzle that pulls him from one end of the island to the other. As the novel unfolds, Detective Mathias is also drawn into a romantic relationship that he tries to explore while attempting to keep his personal and professional lives separate. Dangerously, the two lives find themselves ultimately intertwined.