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Wayne W. Whicher

A locally born author residing in Dover has finally completed one of the items on his life list of things to do during his lifetime. Publish a novel. Wayne W. Whicher can't count how many people have spoken to him, while congratulating him on his accomplishment, with shared stories of their own desires to publish a book. It is truly amazing how many people out there have that inner, burning desire to publish a literary work.

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Wayne lives in Dover with his lovable chocolate lab Marley (named after Bob Marley, not the movie, not that I've answered that question a million times).

Wayne has travelled to the island of Bermuda about a dozen times in his life and the mystery novel, set in Bermuda, called "Sunset over the Hermes" was very enjoyable for him to write given the locale. As Wayne pulled his characters through their scenes in the novel, the local settings unfolded in his minds' eye. It was almost as if the writing process transported him back to the wonderful teal waters and fabulous coastlines of the island. The novel follows detective Scott Mathias through a case involving bank theft on the island where many banking institutions call home. Scott also develops a romantic interest throughout the novel and tries to keep his professional and personal lives separate as his case unfolds. Unsuccessfully.

The book was a labor of love and after sending it out to many publishing companies, Wayne ended up self-publishing it. The book will soon be carried in a couple local bookstores, the Book Outlet in North Hampton, NH next to Ronaldos as well as Volumes in Hampton, NH. It has proved difficult to get the book into major book stores but Wayne is out on the streets doing marketing every day, with the book soon to be carried in Portsmouth stores. Most people find access to the book online to be easier than journeying to the bookstore anyways.